Marla Fields with Golden Pallace in background at Kyoto, Japan

        Marla Fields is a Los Angeles based artist who has been actively involved in the arts for most of her life. With an emphasis in painting, she received her Master of Arts degree from CSUN in 1984.

        Her work is a reflection of the emotional journey, both positive and negative, that every living soul can relate to. The process of combining tactile surface and enigmatic shapes balanced with color is vital in creating the rhythm of the work. The end result of each piece is a mystery to be uncovered during the process of creation. Layer upon layer, with emotional ebb and flow, building up and tearing down with each brush stroke, the visual manifestation of this journey eventually reaches a heightened state that translates the visceral.

        Marla is currently a member on the Board of Directors at LA Artcore. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, recently participating in International Exchange Exhibitions in Thailand, Japan and Korea.